Package Features

Vocal Recording

Undoubtably the most important part of the package but super fun and with our guidance and mix skills we can make even the the most un-practiced singers sound great and to help, we will send you a backing track of your chosen song in advance.

Photography Shoot

Every artist or band needs a cool set of press shots. We will snap you having fun with a range of coloured backgrounds to get a mixture of pictures to print onto your CD. High resolution files of the final edited selections are included.

Music Video

A personal music video is the ultimate souvenir from our studio. Ideal for the youtube fanatic, let us craft your performance into a visual masterpiece for you to share with your friends and family.

Mix & Master

Our venue is a professional studio which regularly gains radio play from our works. Once your vocals have been recorded, our trained mix engineer will get to work to comp the best takes and mix the frequencies with special FX so you sound as polished as can be.

Karaoke Screen

Ideal for groups, we can transform our studio into a nightclub for you to run the rule of the music in while we mix your track. Let us fire up the lasers and let you dance the day away while we are working hard to make your material sound like chart topping stuff!

Backing Tracks

We have nearly 100,000 backing tracks for you to pick and choose from. Select your favourites, crank up the volume and sing along with your friends.

VIP Invitations

If this is a special celebration with a group, tell us the name of your guests in advance and we will post you exclusive VIP Invitations for the bash! This is a great way to build the excitement before the big day.

Private Disco

Ideal for groups, we can transform our studio into a nightclub for you to run the rule of the music. Let us set up the mic and fire up the lasers so you can sing your heart out to the songs of your choice!